Message from the founders

We created Love Handles because we believe exercise is necessary for everyone, especially new parents. Although we understand that finding the time can be difficult, with Love Handles there are no excuses.

Now you can stroll yourself into shape without needing a babysitter or even going to the gym. Get a full cardio workout targeting your core while spending quality time with your baby.

Men love using Love Handles because of the extended height added to the stroller. Men pushing strollers no longer need to hunch over and bend down in order to reach the stroller.

Originally, we envisioned Love Handles as an exercise attachment for ALL kinds of baby strollers. We wanted to help parents save time and money by providing them with a great overall workout while pushing their children in a stroller. We thought, how cool would it be to add an elliptical trainer to a baby stroller.

Well, we soon realized that grandparents enjoyed using Love Handles as well. Not only while strolling their grandchildren, but also using Love Handles attached to armchairs while watching television for a safe and convenient workout. Love Handles have also gone a step further and can be used as exercise for people sitting stationary in arm chairs or wheelchairs.

Grab your pair of Love Handles today and make every stroll worth it.


Thank you and enjoy,

Joanna James & Mary Moschos

Mary Moschos and Joanna JamesFounders: Joanna James & Mary Moschos

“Get a quality workout while spending
quality time with your baby.”

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